Our Network

The Homeless World Cup supports a network of more than 70 local grassroots football projects around the world.

Our mission is to support the work of our National Partners through the dissemination of good practice regarding street football for social change. We work with National Partners and institutions around the world to:

  • Research and share good practices
  • Measure the impact of our programs
  • Develop effective and meaningful public policies
  • Act as a global advocate for the socially-marginalized and homeless
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Throughout the year, we support our 74 National Partners around the world through knowledge sharing, workshops, conferences, and awareness building.

Where We Work

The Homeless World Cup network spans six continents and 74 countries, each with their own unique challenges and successes.

Meet Our National Partners

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What We Do

Throughout the year, the Homeless World Cup supports our 74 National Partners around the world through knowledge sharing, workshops, conferences, and awareness building.

In 2013, the “International Partners Sharing Skills” or iPass Framework was created to help facilitate communication and provide unique opportunities for collaboration. The iPass programme will go online in 2015, providing easy access to coaching information and referee resources. National Partners will also be able to share data and results from their programs quickly and easily with the Foundation and each other. The online platform will help encourage knowledge sharing between Partners, helping them learn from each other and create a stronger Homeless World Cup network.

The Homeless World Cup also coordinates and supports:

  • Continental Get-Togethers in which Partners in geographic proximity to one another are invited to meet for a multi-day conference to share good practices and experiences.
  • Exchange Visits between National Partners in which coaches and managers can get a first-hand view of the activities, challenges, and successes of peers in other countries.
  • An International Refereeing Programme to recruit and train local referees and former players to become future Homeless World Cup referees.

Representatives from the Homeless World Cup also embark on site visits each year to help understand the work taking place on the ground. They visit between six to eight National Partners each year with the goal of learning about the challenges, successes, participants, and needs of each program in order to provide the best possible support.

The Foundation facilitates collaborations between National Partners, such as this exchange visit between Switzerland and Scotland, July 2014.

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