The Homeless World Cup is a unique, pioneering social movement which uses football to inspire homeless people to change their own lives. Homeless World Cup 2015 is taking place in amsterdam from september 12th to September 19th. For more information, visit

Amsterdam 2015

The 2015 Homeless World Cup took place in Amsterdam’s cultural centre, the Museumplein. Located in the borough Amsterdam South, Museumplein is home to three major museums – the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum – and the concert hall Concertgebouw.

The Homeless World Cup was played across three pitches – lined with state-of-the-art synthetic turf courtesy of Act Global – standing among these cultural landmarks, from Saturday, September 12 to Saturday, September 19.

For eight days, the park hosted players, volunteers, fans, and journalists from all over the world. The men’s and a women’s tournament ran parallel, with a total of 63 teams competing for glory.

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The Final Standings

The Homeless World Cup football tournament is unique in that, irrespective of ability, all teams play the same number of games throughout the tournament. Thanks to a series of trophies, the games are exciting and meaningful even on the final day of the tournament. On the last day, every team knows their final position – and those standings then influence the rankings that will seed next year’s tournament.

There are a total of eight trophies: six in the men’s competition and two in the women’s. The Homeless World Cup and Women’s Homeless World Cup trophies are the top prizes, respectively.

The first two stages of the tournament determine which cup each team will play for, with teams of similar ability ending up competing against one another on the final two days.


Homeless World Cup

This is the iconic and original trophy of the Homeless World Cup. It is a symbol of the tournament and has traveled the world for the last 13 years. Mexico were the proud winners this year and will look after the trophy until the 2016 Homeless world Cup. The men’s final of the Homeless World Cup saw Mexico defeat Ukraine.

Standing Country
 1 Mexico
 2 Ukraine
 3 Portugal
 4 Brazil
 5 South Africa
 6 Romania
 7 Chile
 8 Costa Rica
15DL_19092015-99 Men'sHomelessWorldCup-Mexico
Salvation Army Cup

The local Salvation Army in Amsterdam was a key partner of Stichting Life Goals, the local organizers of the 2015 tournament. Bulgaria fought hard and fair to win the Cup by beating Ireland on finals’ day by a score of 6-4.

Standing Country
   9 Bulgaria
 10 Ireland
 11 Netherlands
 12 Poland
 13 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 14 Namibia
 15 Zimbabwe
 16 Scotland
Amsterdam Cup

The City of Amsterdam was an important partner of the 2015 tournament and welcomed the event on its iconic Museumplein in the centre of the city. They lent their name to the third tier men’s trophy, which was won by team Indonesia. The spirited Asian nation defeated Norway in the final game by a close score of 6-5.

Standing Country
 17 Indonesia
 18 Norway
 19 Russia
 20 Argentina
 21 Slovenia
 22 Peru
 23 United States of America
 24 Northern Ireland
Life Goals Cup

Stichting Life Goals is the Homeless World Cup’s National Partner in the Netherlands and hosted the Homeless World Cup this year. Austria were the proud winners of this trophy after a strong performance against France in their final game.

Standing Country
 25 Austria
 26 France
 27 England
 28 Lithuania
 29 Hungary
 30 Czech Republic
 31 Denmark
 32 Hong Kong
15RK_19092015-71 LifeGoals-Austria
SportsGen Cup

India played Grenada to win the SportsGen Cup; the fifth tier cup is named after the event co-organisers of the spectacular Amsterdam tournament.

Standing Country
 33 India
 34 Grenada
 35 Israel
 36 Cambodia
 37 Belgium
 38 Philippines
 39 Wales
 40 South Korea
INSP Networking Trophy

The sixth level of men’s trophy is named after the International Network of Street Papers. It was at an INSP conference in 2001 that Homeless World Cup co-founders Mel Young and Harald Schmied first came up with the idea for the tournament. Greece took the trophy home this year after beating Switzerland 6-2 in their final game.

Standing Country
 41 Greece
 42 Switzerland
 43 Italy
 44 Canada
 45 Finland
 46 Germany
 47 Sweden
The Homeless World Cup is a unique, pioneering social movement which uses football to inspire homeless people to change their own lives. Homeless World Cup 2015 is taking place in amsterdam from september 12th to September 19th. For more information, visit
Women’s Homeless World Cup

The Women’s Homeless World Cup trophy is the top prize in the women’s competition. The women’s champion for 2015 is Mexico. The team demonstrated impressive football skills on the pitch throughout the week and during their final game against reigning champions Chile.

Standing Country
 1 Mexico
 2 Chile
 3 Norway
 4 Hungary
 5 Argentina
 6 India
 7 Scotland
 8 Denmark
15DL_19092015-62 Women'sHomelsssWorldCup-Mexico
Women’s Plate

There are currently two groups of eight women’s teams, the second of which competes for the Women’s Plate. The second level of competition was won by Wales, who defeated Sweden by a score of 2-1 on finals day.

Standing Country
9 Wales
10 Sweden
11 Netherlands
12 Finland
13 United States of America
14 Belgium
15 England
16 Egypt

Congratulations to the teams for their performances on the pitch and for all they have achieved and fought for to come this far. For complete game scores and standings from throughout the competition, visit the Matches or Standings pages.

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