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Joy Human Development Centre


The Zambian homeless team is organised by Joy Human Development Centre, founded in 2003. JHD work with marginalised youth suffering from homelessness, poverty, and substance abuse. They combat AIDS/HIV, malaria, substance abuse, and poverty, and utilise sports activities and games as a tool to reach young people in deprived areas.

JHD organise community-based activities to provide education on HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, and substance abuse. Their ambition is to start a street football league for social inclusion in Lukasa, Zambia’s capital city.

They have a network of partners and sponsors that help them educate children and youth and provide funding for their programmes, such as: Tear Fund International, Airtel, MTN, Traidcrats Schools in the UK, Zamtel, Christian Aid International, HIVO.org, Sida International, and ministries and schools in Zambia.

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Mission statement


Joy Human Development Centre aim to combat HIV/AIDS and substance abuse, and to contribute to personal development of marginalised youth in Zambia, particularly those from slum areas.

JHD empower youth and children through sports, education, art, and health programmes.

Goals for the future

Health Education

To reduce substance abuse in schools, colleges, and universities in Zambia through a street football league and different workshops, and to raise HIV/AIDS awareness

Infrastructure Development

To set up football pitches and provide equipment in order to support their new street football league

Programme Development

To start a street football league in Zambia

Additional information

Football Activities

Running a national tournament and sports workshops

Non-football services

Access to education, art and crafts workshops, and providing education on HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, and substance abuse

Participants challenges

Homelessness, substance abuse, diseases, poverty, HIV/AIDS, and orphan hood

Country challenges

According to UNICEF, 74.5% of people live below the poverty line. More than 30% of children under the age of 15 are orphans, mainly because of AIDS (SOS Children’s Villages). According to UNICEF, 14.3% of the population is HIV positive.


An additional challenge is rapid urbanisation which has resulted in very high rural-urban migration without a corresponding effort to provide appropriate housing in the expanding urban regions (UN Habitat, 2008).

Homelessness Statistics

Due to rapid urbanisation and poverty, Zambia is facing a serious shortage of housing. About 80% of houses are informal and have inadequate access to basic services (UN Habitat, 2008). About half a million young children live on the streets (SOS Children’s Villages).

In 2014, floods left around 20,000 people homeless (Floodlist, 2014).

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