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Organisation details

Red de Apoyo a la Integración Sociolaboral Fundación
C/ Ardemans 42
28028, Madrid, Spain
Contact: José Manuel Caballol


Homeless men and women, undocumented immigrants, and people suffering from substance abuse, mental health issues, or disabilities


Madrid, Valencia, Andalusia, Catalonia, Murcia, and the Basque region

RAIS Fundación


The Spanish homeless team is selected and trained by Red de Apoyo a la Integración Sociolaboral Fundación (Foundation for the Network Support for Social and Labour Integration), a Spanish NGO established in Madrid in 1998. RAIS Fundación works to promote integration of socially excluded people, especially homeless people and immigrants, by running different projects developing life skills, autonomy, and active citizenship. Through their project Futbol Calle, socially excluded people take part in regular football training sessions.

Their principles are social innovation, mobilisation, and measurable impact and results. RAIS Fundación aim to address the root causes of the problems and find appropriate solutions. They provide accommodation, day centres, specialised rehabilitation centres, emergency services, employment and earning opportunities together with life-skills training and help with employment, and volunteering activities. They run the programme Housing First, which provides accessible and permanent homes, including supportive and social services, for the most at risk homeless people.

One of their mobilisation projects is Fútbol Calle. Its aim is to motivate participants to change their lifestyle as well as offering them a chance for social integration. The programme focuses on the non-competitive aspects of sport: camaraderie, positive relationships, peer support, responsibility, and respect for others. One of the project’s key events is the national tournament, titled #GolContraLaExclusión (Goal Against Exclusion), which is run in partnership with Vodafone Spain.

Besides benefits such as inclusion, reintegration, and building pride and self-esteem, RAIS Fundación also aim to grow tolerance, since participants come from different regions, such as the Basque region and Catalonia.

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Mission statement


Red de Apoyo a la Integración Sociolaboral Fundación aspires for a free, just, democratic, and inclusive society. Their mission is to improve the quality of life of people living in extreme social exclusion (especially homeless people), encourage them to be proactive, and to mobilise citizens, public, and private institutions to tackle the issue of homelessness. They believe in the power of people and active citizenship, and they want to become a leader in the fight for social inclusion.

"We have a set of values for the team: having fun, being punctual, and promoting respect and companionship. We are all gentlemen on the field." – Coach Joaquín Alcaide

Goals for the future

Social Inclusion

To help remove the stigma faced by homeless people in Spain

Training Sessions

To increase the number of participants in their weekly sessions

Additional information

Football Activities

Weekly training sessions, running the national tournament and the street league (Fútbol Calle), and selection and preparation of the Spanish Homeless Team for the Homeless World Cup.

Team selection

The players are typically men and are selected at the national tournament according to their skills and commitment.

Non-football services

Hostels, shelters, and emergency accommodation; rehabilitation; medical, legal, and job-related counselling; job training, seminars, access to education and employment; and volunteering activities

Participants challenges

Substance abuse, poverty, debt, mental health problems, and lack of cultural and social inclusion in Spanish society

Country challenges

The recent rapid increase in the number of people in inadequate and insecure housing is a direct consequence of the economic and financial crisis. Growing unemployment and decreasing wages have increased vulnerability to homelessness as more people are unable to meet housing costs. Austerity measures and cuts are having an impact on service and welfare capacity (FEANTSA, 2014).

Homlessness definition

The definition of homelessness covers people who are sleeping rough, living in emergency accommodation, staying in long-stay group accommodation, living in buildings that would commonly be considered unsuitable for human habitation, living in temporary accommodation such as pensions or guest houses, or living in squats (FEANTSA, 2014).

Homelessness Statistics

It is estimated that there are around 40,000 homeless people and additional 1.5 million families living in shelters. However, the official figure is 23,000 homeless people. In 2012, 11.7 million people (3.8 million households) were affected by different processes of social exclusion, 4.4 million more than in 2007 (RAIS Fundación, 2014).

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