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One of the newest partners of the Homeless World Cup, SENEABRIFOOT is a Senegalese NGO that works to help vulnerable children and young men and women. Through various sports programmes they aim help marginalised people reintegrate into the social fabric while offering them an alternative form of rehabilitation.

SENEABRIFOOT also contribute to the fight against poverty by promoting sustainable, social and economic development across Senegal. They invite local organisations and members of the community to promote their programmes, which include literacy education, professional training and social inclusion awareness.

A further aim of their programme is to educate communities on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS awareness, as well as raise awareness and promote the fight against child explotation and forced labour.

In 2011, the organisation ran a three day event in Dakar for the promotion and protection of children’s rights by offering leaflets and talks. In 2012, SENEABRIFOOT held conferences across 30 schools to raise awareness about homelessness. As a small New Year celebration, they also distributed meals for vulnerable people in 2012 and 2013.

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SENEABRIFOOT work to contribute to the fight against poverty by promoting compassion and inclusion. They aim to use sports as a tool for education, reintegration, and social change.

Recognising that health is a fundamental right for every person, SENEABRIFOOT are committed to the promotion of health and well-being for everyone in Senegal.

Goals for the future

Capacity Expansion

To create and income-generating activity in order to promote the programme’s sustainability


To organise football tournaments in cooperation with local districts

Infrastructure Development

To obtain better teaching materials and to consolidate a new website

Programme Development

To obtain coaching qualifications for the management team

Additional information

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Football Activities

Regular training sessions

Non-football services

Reproductive health and HIV/AIDS awareness; literacy education; professional training; seminars on social inclusion and homelessness

Participants challenges

Homelessness, marginalisation, orphanhood, and isolation

Country challenges

Urbanisation, rapid population growth, and rising cost of construction materials have contributed to the rise of squatter settlements on Dakar’s periphery. There is a severe lack of affordable housing (SFPGG, 2008).

Homlessness definition

Le Samu Social Sénégal, a Senegalese NGO working with street children in Dakar, refers to persons suffering social exclusion as victims who are outside the gaze of others and outside the view of institutions, live on the margins, have no family and social ties, and who often suffer addiction to toxic substances.

Homelessness Statistics

According to the government’s estimates, 120,000 new houses should be built every year to meet the growing housing demands (SFPGG, 2008).

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