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Fondation L'Athlétique D'Haiti


Fondation L'Athlétique D'Haiti (Haiti Athletic Foundation) was founded in 1994 by Robert Duval, a human rights activist and a Haitian football and basketball star. L'Athlétique D'Haiti is a non-profit youth development organisation that provides sports and education to youth at risk in Haiti. It supplies sports facilities, free coaching, free education, and free meals.

The programme has grown to provide sports training, nutrition, and medical and educational assistance to more than 1,500 participants every day. Besides providing material and educational support, the programme aims at teaching children and young people the importance and value of self-discipline, goal-setting, and teamwork.

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Mission statement


L’Athlétique d’Haïti provide underprivileged youth with a safe, clean, supportive environment. Their participants learn first-hand how the discipline of sports and the structure of teamwork can enhance skills, enrich lives, and change futures.

“Duval turned a patch of dirt on the outskirts of an industrial area into a rare sight here: a wide-open green space with equipment usually unavailable even in the nation’s biggest athletic club.”

Goals for the future

Capacity Expansion

To continue to expand the programme to double its current capacity


To make physical education and sports the backbone around which children can lead healthy lives and become active citizens

Additional information

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Football Activities

Coaching and football training sessions

Non-football services

Meals, schooling, books, uniforms, housing and shelter, a karate programme, vocational and entrepreneurial skills training, healthcare, and recycling and composting programmes

Participants challenges

Lack of education, poverty, and lack of sports opportunities

Organisation challenges

After the 2010 earthquake, their training pitches became filled with people who did not dare enter houses because they were scared of them collapsing. The earthquake had a significant detrimental impact on running their programmes (Sportanddev, 2010).

Country challenges

More than 60,000 people have been forcibly evicted from their shelter in makeshift camps since 2010 (Amnesty International). Since the earthquake, gender-based violence has increased, particularly affecting homeless women (CSIS, 2013).

Homlessness definition

The definition of homelessness varies from one part of Haiti to another. It is most commonly defined as the condition of not having an acceptable level of housing provision (Chery, 2011).

Homelessness Statistics

The 2010 earthquake in Haiti left 2.3 million Haitians homeless, 170,000 of whom are still living in makeshift housing. Even before the earthquake, an estimated 70% of the population of Port-au-Prince lived in slums (Thomson Reuters Foundation; 2014; World Bank, 2014; Amnesty International).

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