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Association des Jeunes pour la Paix et la Non Violence (Association of Youth for Peace and Non-Violence) initiated the launch of the NGO Homeless Guinea in 2014 with the goal of becoming the official Guinean partner of the Homeless World Cup. One of the Homeless World Cup’s newest National Partners, their focus is helping homeless people reintegrate into the community through organising football activities, awareness-raising workshops, education, and skills training.

AJPNV is engaged in a variety of activities supporting homeless people and youth in difficult situations and helping them become healthy and proactive citizens who contribute to the community. In 2014, they organised a City Tournament Cup, meetings about sanitation in the neighbourhoods of Conakry, a series of educational and motivational talks, and awareness-raising lectures about the rural migration and its consequences and about youth entrepreneurship.

Through the integrated approach combining cultural and sports activities, education, and employment, AJPNV encourage homeless people to think positively, take proactive steps, and achieve full social inclusion. A big part of their activities is health education, both in terms of physical activity and raising awareness, particularly about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.

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Mission statement


Association des Jeunes pour la Paix et la Non Violence – Homeless Guinée work to promote the values of respect, courage, compassion, and integrity. They help vulnerable people across Guinea.

They want to encourage homeless people to think positively and improve their living conditions by taking part in sports and educational activities.

Goals for the future

Social Inclusion

To advocate for the rights and living conditions of homeless people and help them reintegrate in the society, including finding them adequate housing

Health Education

To educate homeless people about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections


To organise job training, awareness raising, and job application workshops, as well as to find more employment opportunities for homeless people


To organise an annual national homeless football tournament and to take part in other homeless football tournaments, but also in international conferences about homelessness

Programme Development

To set up a comprehensive youth programme

Additional information

Partner since


Football Activities

Organisation of the City Tournament Cup, collaboration with football NGOs and associations, and regular football trainings

Non-football services

Workshops and education on waste management, urban migration, and  youth entrepreneurship, and access to education and employment

Participants challenges

Lack of education, poverty, sexually transmitted infections, and a lack of motivation

Organisation challenges

Lack of training equipment, insufficient premises for the organisation of administrative meetings or youth orientation activities, and logistical challenges working across different regions in Guinea

Country challenges

Guinea is considered one of the poorest countries in Africa. It is reported that 55.2% of the population live below the national poverty line (World Bank, 2015). Rapid urbanisation presents a constant pressure for housing in big towns (Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper 2013-2015). The political turmoil in 2008-2010 accelerated the problem of youth unemployment and bad economic situation. As well, dozens of NGO and various donors’ offices closed during the instability, significantly reducing the funds for community projects (SFCG, 2010).

Homelessness Statistics

Experiencing rapid population growth and urbanisation, Guinea is struggling with providing sufficient housing. In 2012, only 31.5% of the population had shelter with permanent walls. Standard of living in the towns is low, with poor sewage management and rainwater drainage, and bad access to drinking water (Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper 2013-2015).

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