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Men and women affected by poverty and social marginalisation, especially homeless people, people who have grown up around violence, and those recently released from prison


Various locations across Germany

Anstoss! e.V. Bundesvereinigung für Soziale Integration durch Sport


Anstoss! e.V. Bundesvereinigung für Soziale Integration durch Sport (Kick off! National Association for Social Integration through Sports) uses sports – especially street football – as an integral part of social and welfare work, particularly with homeless people. They aim to raise the profile of sports for social work nationally. They work with universities in Kiel and Hamburg to evaluate and develop their programme, as well as guidelines for good practice on the basis of sound scientific evidence.

Some of their regional projects are supported by professional clubs such as Hamburger SV and Werder Bremen.

While their current ambassador is Hamburger SV player Rafael van der Vaart, they have the whole list of former national ambassadors who are big names in Germany, such as Torsten Albig, Klaus-Dieter Fischer, Dr. Theo Zwanziger, Joachim Löw, Karl Rothmund, Martin Kind, Gerhard Schröder, Mario Gomez, and Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder.

Since 2006, Anstoss! have coordinated a national German Homeless Cup, with social organisations such as Caritas, Diakonie, Paritätische Landesverbände, the Salvation Army, and various street papers taking part. Since 2010, they have been establishing a nationwide street football league with about 100 participating teams.

Their programme is based on local and regional social work initiatives. The involved institutions are part of a national network to facilitate communication and knowledge exchange.

Anstoss! aim to become the first point of contact for organisations who fight social exclusion in Germany. They intend to support sporting activities in social work across Germany, and to provide networking opportunities for those working in the field.

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Mission statement


Anstoss! e.V. Bundesvereinigung für Soziale Integration durch Sport aim to increase the importance of sport as a gateway for social integration nationally.

They work to develop and strengthen approaches that combine social integration, sports, and social work all over Germany.

Goals for the future


To put together a committee for the national tournament in order to involve their regional partners in decision making


To collaborate with a job-coaching project to link sports with qualifications

Social Inclusion

To involve more associations who work with refugees


To create more partnerships with professional football clubs

Additional information

Partner since


Football Activities

Anstoss! run the German Homeless Cup and German Homeless World Cup Team, around 40 weekly training sessions in association with their regional partners, more than 12 tournaments annually, and facilitate participation in international tournaments.

Team selection

Eight players are selected from the teams that participate in the German Homeless Cup.

Non-football services

Anstoss! organise professional networking opportunities, academic research into the impact of sport on homelessness, and collaborations with 60 organisations who provide education, housing, and employment services to players.

Participants challenges

Domestic violence, social exclusion, crime, and homelessness

Country challenges

Since the economic crisis, the number of homeless people has been rising, largely due to an increased number of immigrants who put further pressure on social services (EurActiv, 2014).

Homlessness definition

There is no fixed legal definition of homelessness in Germany, but BAG – Wohnungslosenhilfe defines as homeless those who do not have access to accommodation secured by a formal rental contract at the very least. (Bundeszentrale fuer politische Bildung, 2013)

Homelessness Statistics

In 2012, more than 284,000 people had nowhere to live, which is a 15% increase compared to 2010, and the numbers are expected to increase by an additional 30% to 380,000 by 2016 (Deutsche Welle, 2014). More than 15% of the people in assistance programs for homelessness were foreigners (Spiegel, 2013).

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