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Team Czech Republic is coordinated by SANANIM, the largest non-governmental organisation in the Czech Republic specialising in prevention and treatment of substance abuse. Through the sports programme "Zvítězit může každý" (Everyone Can Win) they aim to reach vulnerable groups of people by organising football sessions and other activities

SANANIM was founded in 1990. They offer a range of services in the field of prevention, treatment, and reintegration for people suffering from substance abuse. The programme also offers professional consultations, employment and social services, counselling and legal assistance, particularly for ex-offenders, skills training, and various therapeutic sessions. They also run awareness campaigns, soup kitchens, car boot sales, and other socially engaging activities.

SANANIM are an umbrella organisation for the project "Zvítězit může každý" (Everyone Can Win) which includes some smaller football organisations across the Czech Republic. The Czech Homeless Team is selected through this project. Other activities include training sessions, summer and winter tournaments in Neratovice, and participation in international tournaments. Besides football, the project also offers athletics, basketball, and table tennis. All of their sports programmes aim at attracting homeless people and people suffering from substance abuse to join and consequently seek help and access other services.

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Mission statement


SANANIM uses sport, and especially football, to engage and communicate with those who need their support but who are difficult to reach. For SANANIM football is more than just a game, it is a powerful tool that can change the lives of vulnerable people.

We wish to offer a helping hand to all who yearn for it, to all who have sounded an SOS.”

Goals for the future


To increase the number of cooperating NGOs and find an ambassador for a longer period of time

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Football Activities

Weekly football sessions, a national annual qualification (selection) tournament, and sessions for women

Team selection

The organisation runs the annual qualification tournament, and selects eight players to represent the Czech Republic.

Non-football services

SANAMIN work with rehabilitation centres and provide access to employment, life skills training, psychological support, therapeutic sessions, and legal advice.

Participants challenges

Substance abuse, criminal charges

Country challenges

Although there are no exact figures, youth and young adults make up an estimated 15% of homeless people and are currently one of the most vulnerable groups. There has been a recent shift to expensive housing as a part of overall rising prices but a large number of people are unable to cope with such pressure (Novinky.cz, 2014).

Homlessness definition

Homelessness refers to people “without any roof over their heads and finding temporary shelter in various charity organisations.”

The 2006 Social Services Act defined homeless people both as people without shelter and those unfavourably situated due to housing loss (CSEYHP).

Homelessness Statistics

According to the 2011 Census, 11,496 people were registered as homeless in the Czech Republic. However, 30,000 people are estimated to be homeless and around 100,000 people are threatened by the loss of home (CZSO, 2011; Novinky.cz, 2014).

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