Team Poland 2016

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Key victories put Poland at the top of their group in the first round. The second proved more challenging, however, and the team found themselves competing for the Men’s Bowl in the final round. Wins over India and Romania in the semi- and quarter-finals earned them a spot in the trophy match on Saturday against Bulgaria.

The thrilling final ended 6-6 in regular time, forcing the match into sudden death penalties. Both teams made their first penalty and missed their second, adding to the excitement and tension at the match. On the third penalty, Bulgaria was able to find the net, while Poland went wide. The Polish squad finished in 18th place overall and scored 59 goals over the course of the week.

Team Poland 2016 (Men’s)

Name Role
Mateusz Gudra Manager
Robert Karczewqski Coach
Damian Piekarz Player
Karol Pietrzyk Player
Stanislaw Kunc Player
Daniel Juraszek Player
Pawel Piotrowski Player
Adrian Kostrubiec Player
Patryk Gralka Player
Radek Wiktor Player


The Polish national homeless team is organised by Stowarzyszenie Reprezentacja Polski Bezdomnych (Polish Homeless National Streetsoccer Team Association). They use sport to promote health, education, and social inclusion, and encourage personal development. Their target groups are men and women in homeless facilities, rehabilitation centres, AA meetings, and anyone who is in danger of social exclusion. The organisation runs local and national street soccer tournaments across Poland.

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Harald Schmied, co-founder of the Homeless World Cup has been awarded the Merit Badge of the Republic of Austria. This is one of the highest awards anyone can receive in the country. Schmied’s life-long commitment to social change was celebrated when Alois Stöger, the current Minister of Social Affairs in Austria, presented him with the emblem […]

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