Our national partners

The Homeless World Cup works with a network of 74 organisations representing 74 nations around the world. These National Partners vary in size and structure but they all have one thing in common: they all use the power of football to help homeless and socially disadvantaged people.

Only one organisation per country is chosen to partner with the Homeless World Cup – earning the right to represent their home nation at the annual Homeless World Cup tournament. The chosen organisation acts as the coordinator for street football activity in their country. If a new organisation wishes to be involved, they are encouraged to work with our existing National Partner, helping to create diverse collaborations and broadening the reach of the Homeless World Cup. In particular, this network of partners facilitates the exchange of knowledge. Different partners have different strengths in the areas of coaching, research, and fundraising, and through the network, partners learn from each other’s experiences and exchange know-how in order to grow their impact and provide the best possible experience for their participants.

New organisations from countries without an existing Homeless World Cup National Partner can apply to join and undergo an extensive partnership screening process, which involves interviews and a site visit. New Partners and those still developing their programmes work towards becoming eligible to participate in tournament by using good practices and support from the Homeless World Cup Foundation and other National Partners.

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