Our Ambassadors


Our Ambassadors are passionately committed to our vision of transforming the lives of homeless people through football. Members of the Homeless World Cup Supporters Club will have unique opportunities to engage with our Ambassadors, through invite-only events, exclusive videos, and more.


Colin Farrell

"I have seen how the Homeless World Cup really does inspire homeless people to change the direction of their lives. Be part of the action and join me in the Homeless World Cup Supporters Club – change is a team effort!"

Ambassador Whitney Mercilus b&w 400px

Whitney Mercilus

"I support the Homeless World Cup because I respect and love their mission to help inspire homeless people to change their lives through the sport of football."

Ambassador Jason Roberts bw web

Jason Roberts

"I support the Homeless World Cup because I can testify as to the power of football. I know the values of team spirit, collective responsibility and working as a unit can literally change people’s lives."


David Eustace

" This is not only about giving, it’s about being part of a movement"

Ambassador Tegla Loroupe b&w web

Tegla Loroupe

"Let us use football and sport to communicate peace, development, and social change. Let us join hands and join the Supporters Club in promoting the unique power of football."


Kevin Carroll

"It's a great example of sport’s ability to impact lives, bring cultures together, and shine a light on a marginalized community that deserves attention and support."


Irvine Welsh

"We all love football and we all hate homelessness – it’s a no brainer."


Desiree Scott

"I’ve joined the Homeless World Cup Supporters Club to make a difference."


Scott Brown

"Join me and become a lifetime supporter of the Homeless World Cup."


Emmanuel Petit

"I support the Homeless World Cup because I know very well the power that football has on people."


Jeb Brovsky

"This is a real, tangible change that is brought about by the passionate people at the Homeless World Cup. "

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