Enjoy the latest blog from Mel Young on the day Homeless World Cup Ambassador Eric Cantona announced his intentions to run for French President and combat homelessness at the highest level.

10 January 2012

Eric Cantona Raises the Issue of Homelessness by Standing for President - Brilliant.

My continuous mantra is that if we want to change the world then we all have to do something. It is easy to complain or protest but the key question is: what are you actually doing on a practical and positive basis to create real change?

I have given many talks on homelessness since 1993 and when I have asked if anyone in the audience thinks that homelessness is a good idea, not one person has ever said yes. All the people I have spoken to - schoolchildren, youth, politicians, footballers, very rich people, poor people, academics, business leaders - everyone - do not think that homelessness is a good idea.

If it is such a bad idea why do we have homelessness throughout the world? It is obviously a systems failure and people feel that they are powerless to end the problem. They are simply inhibited by the sheer scale of homelessness and possibly they feel that they do not know what to do. Yet, the people who do decide to do something can make a significant impact even through small actions. 

If we all are to make an impact across the globe then we will eliminate homelessness altogether but at the moment not enough people are prepared to do something constructive. I sometimes despair about this. It is brilliant news that Eric Cantona announces today that he standing for the President of France on the issue of housing and homelessness.

The whole issue of homelessness has been propelled onto the global agenda and it will remain as a high level issue during the French Presidential campaign. The cynic might argue that this was an ex-professional football player who is looking for a bit of profile. This is not true. Eric Cantona has been the international global ambassador for the Homeless World Cup since 2007. He supports our work and believes passionately in the issue. He is a fabulous supporter. 

He knows that by simply announcing that he is standing for President on this ticket that the whole issue will be debated and hopefully policies and procedures will change in France. Who knows they may be copied in other countries. 

He has made an intervention which will create a change. This is inspirational. Applaud him. We need to create a world without homelessness. We all need to do something. Think about what you can contribute. Be inspired by Eric Cantona and change the world accordingly.

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