We are delighted to confirm that the 2014 Homeless World Cup will be held in Santiago, Chile.

04 February 2013

After Poland in 2013, the Homeless World Cup annual tournament will travel to Chile in 2014. 



Homeless World Cup partner in the country, Futbol Calle, an initiative launched by sports company Accion Total, has announced that they will host the Santiago 2014 Homeless World Cup.

They announced the great news, during a rematch of the 2012 Homeless World Cup Final between Chile and Mexico. This was attended by the First Lady of Chile and many other celebrities. 

You can see many pictures of the event, that took place on a Navy ship in the main naval base in Valparaiso here.

The Homeless World Cup annual tournament will add to a long list of sporting events heading to Chile in the coming years. 2014 will see Santiago host the South American Games, while Chile will host both the Copa America and under 17 World Cup in 2015.

“We are working on hosting a Copa America of futbol calle in 2013,” says Raimundo Ayub, from Accion Total, noting that the sporting events throughout South America give a great opportunity to grow the sport. 

Accion Total’s main business is building sporting complexes, though the Homeless World Cup victory has attracted extra attention to the street football program. The program, which helps people change their lives through sport, includes 2,000 participants on a rotating basis intalleres from Copiapó to Puerto Montt. Some of the sessions happen in prisons and youth detention centers.

"The focus of our programme is on self-improvement through sports” says Ayub. 

Ayub told I Love Chile website he hopes that the discipline will grow into one of the most popular in Chile.

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