Chile is ready to host the FUTBOL CALLE COPA AMÉRICA with 7 countries taking part, in Santiago. The event will take place in one of the most emblematic venues of the city: the Estacion Central.

06 November 2013

Before hosting the annual tournament in 2014, Chile is ready to host the Futbol Calle Copa America that will take place from November 8th to November 10th in Santiago.

Teams from Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, the United States and Chile will meet for this competition. Chile will actually take part with two teams: the national Homeless team and the men’s team who won the Futbol Calle National tour. 

Pablo Alcalde, who runs Futbol Calle, the Homeless World Cup partner in Chile said: “It will be a ‘mini homeless world cup.’ There will be friendly matches in preparation of next year. We would like to show participants and the public what the annual event next year can look like." 

As well as the football tournament, players and spectators will be able to take part in many other activities: table football competitions, football tennis, creation of a mural, etc.

Payo, the Chilean painter, also present at the Poznan 2013 Homeless World Cup will also be there with his artwork and his brushes. 

The mayor of Estación Central where the event will be held said: "Football will literally take to the streets. This Copa América will reflect the anonymous effort made by thousands of Chileans. From the iconic Estación Central, selected to show that this sport is a tremendous tool for social inclusion.”

The first lady of Chile, Cecilia Morel, big supporter of Futbol Calle, will also attend and cheer for the teams. She said: “This is the result of a joint effort, to follow our convictions and deepest certainty that sport is a great social tool."

On November 8th, the representatives of each country will also be able to get-together and share their experiences and best practices. Organised by the Fundacion de la Familia and the Homeless World Cup, this evening will be the perfect opportunity for them to describe what they do in their countries, to other participants but also to the general public. 

Teams attending this event will certainly leave Chile with a taste of what 2014 will be like. 

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