Le Collectif La Boussole is the Homeless World Cup Partner in France. Through a number of associations and other organisations, they organise sports events as well as cultural programmes for disadvantaged people.


Organisation - Collectif La Boussole

Team France is organised by Collectif La Boussole and selected at a tournament in Montpellier in the south of France.




Organisation: Collectif La Boussole
Address: 4 Rue de Verdun, 34000 Montpelier
Contact: Patrick Mbongue (Tel: +33 6 18 64 43 68)
email: [email protected]

Team France 2013

Homeless World Cup Squad

Parfait Nama Boniface Edouard Vaz
Soumah Seydouba Sami Douguet
Amir Boujmaa Sylvain Gaigneux
Saidina Ali Jordan Abodi

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