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Team Afghanistan is organised by Sanayee Development Organisation (SDO) and made up of homeless people and orphans, the most deprived sectors of Afghan society.

Organisation - Sanayee Development Organisation

Hazart Hakeem Sanayee (1088-1166 A.D.) was one of Afghanistan’s most outstanding poets with a great knowledge of religion, logic, philosophy and literature.

As an organisation that aims to provide opportunities to Afghans through education, Sanayee Development Organization is named after Sanayee as a mark of his scholarly and literary achievements.


Organisation: Sanayee Development Organization (SDO)
Address: 9th Street Qala-e-Fatullah, Near Shahoon Electricity Junction, Kabul, Afghanistan
Ph: +937 0022 0638
Fx: +932 0220 1693
Contact: Raz Mohammad Dalili 


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