Caleb Olson, Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup Volunteer: Much more than a holiday

Caleb Olson, Homeless World Cup Volunteer, supported the media team at the Paris tournament, writing match articles, taking pictures, and conducting interviews. He was so inspired that he has decided to dedicate himself to sports for development full time for a year.

"I am honoured to have been a part of the online editorial team at the Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup as it was the most amazing experience of my life.

"I learned quickly that international volunteers are put in a position to take charge and become a part of the action, so it's not for those who are looking to sit back and soak in the good cheer. However, the long days and hard work were well worth the friendships made along the way and to be able to push myself as a writer and journalist, two things that are not my strong suit. 

"I was also lucky enough to meet the founder of Street Soccer USA, Lawrence Cann, and we have kept in touch. After returning to my job in Little Rock I quickly decided to quit and pack two bags to move to New York.

"In December, I found myself sitting in the Street Soccer USA's office in New York City for an interview and they offered me an Americorp Coach Across America position! I am a firm believer that from the moment I handed out my first sandwich in Little Rock, a seed was planted and doors began to open which eventually led me to New York.

"I am just finishing up the application process and hope to be able to work all year long with the street soccer teams as they strive to reach their personal goals and eventually make their dream come true to represent America in front of a cheering, global audience.

"See you in Mexico City!"

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