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27 October 2014

Chile Win Men's Homeless World Cup

Chile ensured that it was a host double when they comfortably beat Bosnia and Herzegovina in this evening’s final in central Santiago. The men in red (Chile) were dominant throughout and took their chances ensuring a 5 – 2 victory. 

At the final whistle, the stadium erupted with national pride and cheered the Chilean men’s team who were unbeaten throughout the entire tournament.

Chile’s golden boy Ismael Mariqueo, who scored in tonight’s final, surprised the jubilant crowd and his girlfriend with an impromptu marriage proposal that sparked even more cheers from an already ecstatic crowd.

26 October 2014

Chile Win Women's Homeless World Cup 2014

Chile won 4 – 3 in an incredibly tense match which saw both teams being given blue cards – sent off for two minutes. Denise Silva, Chile Women’s Captain, fired the ball low into the net for the championship winning goal. The hosts have consistently played excellent football throughout the entire tournament and fully deserved the trophy.

26 October 2014

They are not alone

“It's great to win but what's most important is the fact that the players play football and share the experience of playing in the tournament. They are trying to improve their lives, whether they win or not. When they play football, they communicate with each other. They are not alone.” - Alessandro Dell'Orto

(From A ball can change the world: The story of the Homeless World Cup)

by Peter Barr

26 October 2014

Everyone's a winner

“Then the moment everyone is waiting for – as the winners lift the trophy and all the teams start dancing in the centre of the stadium, before they do a lap of honour in front of the still cheering fans. The song We are the Champions booms out of the speakers as the players hug and celebrate their moment of triumph. The flashbulbs pop like firecrackers. Everyone stands up and joins in the clapping and dancing. Everyone's a winner.” - Mel Young (From A ball can change the world: The story of the Homeless World Cup)

This year? Last year?

Every year, every team and every single player is a winner in the Homeless World Cup.

by Peter Barr

25 October 2014

Match Report: Women's Quarter Finals Chile vs. Wales

In a gesture of respect the Welsh team performed their own rendition of the chant of the tournament "Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le" in the searing heat before the match. The hosts didn’t need to be encouraged any further and they opened what would become a feast of goals with number 18 scoring with finesse.

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A ball can change the world

The vision of the Homeless World Cup is to use the power of football to transform the lives of homeless people all over the world. And that vision is becoming a reality in 70 countries - involving hundreds of thousands of players since 2003.

Santiago is the culmination of 12 months' work: 54 teams from around the world play 350 fast-paced games for 7 trophies, supported by millions of fans. Watch live online, catch up on fixtures and results, see what the world is saying - and don't forget to tweet your support to #HWCSUPPORTER.

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